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Dyslexia Teaching Centre

What We Do


We have Quality Assurance from the Association of Dyslexia Specialists in Higher Education (ADSHE) and we follow their guidelines in supporting students with: 

  • Time management and organisation;
  • Reading for research skills;
  • Examination and assessment techniques;
  • Planning and structuring work;
  • Academic writing: assignments, essays, reports, dissertations;
  • Note taking and note making;
  • Lectures;
  • Presentations;
  • Establishing learning priorities;
  • Understanding personal strengths and weaknesses;
  • Learning-based anxiety;
  • Preparation for graduation/work placements.

We also work with ADSHE’s seven principles of specialist support, which are:

  • metacognition; multi-sensory; relevance; motivation; overlearning; little and often; modelling


We are student-centred, and we see each student as a whole person.  We learn to recognise their particular difficulties and anxieties and to develop their strengths in partnership with them. We offer ‘unconditional positive regard’ (Carl Rogers).


 They create an environment which is constructive and non-judgemental...a transformative experience – MA student, Ceramics


For more information please contact the Centre on 075 9221 2375 or email us at