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Dyslexia Teaching Centre

Saturday Reading Club

The Reading Club runs each Saturday morning during term time.

The children, aged 7 – 10 years of age, work in a small group to develop reading and comprehension skills so vital to accessing the school curriculum.

Reading comprehension is dependent on vocabulary knowledge, subject and context knowledge and higher order language skills, e.g inference and reasoning.

The children spend the main part of the session working on comprehension texts at an appropriate level for each child. This enables the children to decode the text, to answer multiple choice questions and to check their understanding of the text. In addition, direct vocabulary instruction is an important component of the programme.

The second part of the session entails a group activity which varies from week to week. We may work on a specific comprehension skill, for example inference, or we may focus on writing answers in full sentences.

It is usual for a student to attend the Club for three terms; however a longer or shorter time is possible.  We have been delighted, not only to observe the children’s progress, but also to see how much they enjoy coming to the Club. We certainly enjoy teaching them!

To find out more on the Saturday Reading Club please contact the centre on 075 9221 2375 or email us at