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Dyslexia Teaching Centre

Art Therapy

RUBY RED & CRIMSON is a unique art studio based at the Dyslexic Teaching Centre where children and young adults can experience and explore their inner creativity.

At RRC we provide Art Therapy, Art Sessions, Art Parties, Weekend Workshops and GCSE/ A-level Portfolio Guidance.

What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy uses the act of creating, as a therapeutic process.

Art Therapy is not about creating a fantastic piece of art. You don’t need to be able to draw or paint. The creative process and the resulting artwork explores feelings, fosters awareness, manages behaviours, develops social skills, reduces anxiety and helps to increase self-esteem.

The art therapy at RRC is professionally facilitated by a trained art therapist and can be helpful for children and young people who have symptoms of the above mentioned challenges. It can also be helpful for those who feel uncomfortable with talk therapy or in conjunction with other forms of therapy.

Art Sessions and Art parties

Fun and creative, out of the box, art sessions are created for children as young as five.

Individual sessions give the unique opportunity to tailor a personalised program for each student’s interest and ability.

RRC organises workshops with a wide variety of subjects and techniques; from experimental fluid art paintings to traditional sculpting.

Art parties are organised after school time or Saturday afternoons.

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