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Newsletter Summer 2014

Summer Holiday Reading Club

Summer Holiday Reading Club

23rd, 24th, 25th July 2014 – 10.30am to 12.30am.

Please contact us on  020 7361 4790 or to book a place.

Touch-typing course Summer Holidays 2014

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The London Dyslexia Initiative has raised in excess of £25,000 to date!

Summer 2013

Application Form – Summer Holidays August 2013

Application Form – Autumn Term 2013

For more information, please contact Charlotte Hull on 0207 361 4790, or email


CURSIVE LEVEL 1 “Getting to Grips with Writing”
Criteria for suitability
• Age range: 6 – 8/9 yrs
• Beginning to or using cursive script in school
• Most letters of alphabet formed correctly

This is both an entry-level course and a consolidation course for cursive writing. The course follows a structured progression but there is room for some flexibility as groups are small (maximum 8/9). The course provides a solid foundation for cursive writing through clear instruction with visual support and practice.

Specifically the course teaches and consolidates formation of “cadgq” “s” and “k”; teaches and practices joining to and from these letters and integrating these letter joins into words. However there is some incidental learning as well.

Homework is given for further practice and consolidation. Parents are invited to attend one of the sessions in its entirety so they can learn how to help their child in home setting. A short summary of work done is written for school.

Following this course some students are able to generalise skills acquired above into school and go on independently to other letters and letter combinations. Some of the younger students or students with specific writing difficulties benefit and need to repeat the course 1-2 times.

Students can them move on Writing Improvers – see below

CURSIVE LEVEL 2 “Writing Improvers”

Criteria for suitability

• Age range: 8/9 – 11/12 yrs

• Using cursive script in school

• Letter formation pretty much consolidated -odd letter not formed correctly

This 3-day course aims to integrate good pencil control technique, posture and grip into cursive writing. It is a fun course and many students (though not all) have attended Level 1 above. Work covered includes working on fine pencil control (especially vertical and diagonal up / down), word searches (left to right), writing sentences from memory and writing story using thinking skills work sheets.

We have a variety of work sheets so students can attend several times.

2013 DATES:

CURSIVE LEVEL A “Getting to Grips with Writing”

* All below 9.30 – 11.20


Monday 18th Feb – Friday 22nd Feb inc (5 days) SPRING HALF TERM £250

Monday 8th April to Friday 12th April inc (5 days) SPRING HOLS £250

Monday 15th July – Friday 19th July inc (5 days) beg SUMMER HOLS £250

Tuesday 27th Aug – Friday 30th Aug inc (4 days) end SUMMER HOLS £200

Monday 28th Oct – Friday 1 Nov inc (4 days) HALF TERM £250

Monday 16th Dec – Friday 20th Dec inc (5 days) WINTER HOLS £250

CURSIVE LEVEL B “Writing Improvers”

* All below 1 – 2.30 pm


Monday 8th April to Wednesday 10th April inc (3 days) SPRING HOLS £150

Monday 15th July – Wednesday 17th July inc (3 days) beg SUMMER HOLS £150

Tuesday 27th Aug – Thursday 29th Aug inc (3 days) end SUMMER HOLS £200

Monday 16th Dec – Friday 20th Dec inc (3 days) WINTER HOLS £250

Please download the booking form by clicking here: BOOKING FORM 2013

For further information please email : or call SWA on 020 8208 1361

Sally WRIGHT MCSP HPC Chartered Physiotherapist & Handwriting Specialist

Art Classes

New Art Classes – every Friday afternoon and Saturday mornings.

For more information please email or call 07545 766 010.

Summer Newsletter 2013

Please see our Summer Newsletter here:

Summer Term 2013 Newsletter

Dyslexia Teaching Centre featured on Radio 4 – Word of Mouth

Reading instructions

and dyslexia are discussed on Radio 4 featuring our very own Nicole Shipley, Jo Petty and Ray Martin.


have a listen by clicking below:

BBC Radio 4 – Word of Mouth, Instructions, Instructions

The Telegraph – Article featuring The Dyslexia Teaching Centre


Dyslexia Teaching Centre was featured in an

article recently, please click the link below to view:

The Telegraph – ‘When Jessica screamed and cried, I didn’t know how to cope

The London Dyslexia Initiative


An initiative of The Dyslexia Teaching Centre Trust (Charity no:290244)

The London Dyslexia Initiative targets specialist help for state primary school children in London. It is an initiative started by the DTC as an outreach programme and is currently operating successfully in four schools in West London. The aim is to roll it out across the capital.

Dyslexia help for children in schools is highly variable. The average dyslexic child does not qualify for specialist help under the Special

Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 as they sit within the mild-to-moderate range of the Dyslexia Spectrum. They struggle to learn to read and write at the same pace as a non-dyslexic child. This impacts on their confidence and school experience. With low self esteem dyslexic children are vulnerable to feeling disenfranchised from their school and community. They have a high opt-out rate. On current estimates forty per cent of our prison population is dyslexic.Co-incidence? We think not.

The London Dyslexia Initiative offers consistent, targeted help

to dyslexic children. A school in the programme will screen children in need of specialist support (Typically in Years 3-6). They are then assessed by a specialist teacher and an individual teaching programmedevised for them. Subsequently specialist teachers attend the school for a morning or afternoon a week to work with these children individually.  Additional individual teaching (with Bursary support where needed) can take place outside school hours. The results of the programme to date are uplifting for all those involved – both on an educational and personal level.

This Programme offers real time with real people. It’s simple and effective in terms of time, money and results. We need help to roll it out and overcome the educational and social hurdles dyslexic children face.

London Dyslexia Initiative 13:03:13

The Dyslexia Teaching Centre is launching the London Dyslexia Initiative 13:03:13 at the Saatchi Gallery on 13 March 2013.  For tickets to the  Champagne reception please download ticket application form or email